My first experience inside of a movie theatre happened at the ripe age of 3 when my father decided to take me to see The Lion King in the summer of 1994. I don’t know what my dad was thinking about taking a 3 year old to a movie theatre, especially because everyone in attendance must have been terrified when they saw my dad setting me up on a comfy chair. I am sure his anxiety levels were at an all time high when the lights went out, but according to him, the moment that screen lit up, my jaw had dropped and I managed to sit quietly for the entire 1 hour and 27 minute runtime. Little did I know, the seed to my passion had been planted and with a little love and care, this would ultimately flourish into the flower that I tend to on a daily basis and to this very day, my jaw still drops when the lights go out and the screen lights up. 


A lot of trailers still put out positive reviews during their tv commercials to draw people in to see a film. One type of review that stood out to me when I was growing up was the 2 thumbs up from Ebert & Roeper. I am not sure why, but I believe at the time my young mind identified with such a simplistic review. Not too much time later, as I flipped through the channels, I came across the very show featuring Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper. I don’t think any collection of words could describe how excited I was to see them both in the flesh, talking about why they liked and/or disliked whichever films they saw. I watched their show weekly and I hung on their every word, slowly learning and understanding their personal perspectives on what made a film good or bad.   

Years later at 12 years old, I decided to subscribe to a magazine for young adults that mostly covered movies, tv shows, novels, music, tech, and celebrity gossip that would appeal to a younger demographic. I looked forward to each new issue every month because I became obsessed with it. I loved everything about this publication and the reason why I am mentioning it, is because they always had a feature on some popular websites that you should check out. One of the suggestions that I read was This website immediately appealed to me because I was able to see a collective consensus of movie critics’ opinions on almost every film that had been released over the last few decades. This allowed me to read different takes in the same movie and further my education into this art form I loved most. It is thanks to that website that I gradually learned how to analyze not just the acting, but the directing, writing, cinematography, editing, music, basically, every aspect of a film that was presented before me. 

All of this new knowledge that I gained made me want to watch every movie that many considered a classic or just arrived in theatres. My childhood when it came to films was one that I look back on fondly because Disney, every kind of action blockbuster and some wonderful cheesy romance movies raised me through my younger years. This is mostly because my dad is big into action and my movie loves a good rom-com. Cliché, I agree, but every good movie buff has to start somewhere. Basically, my childhood, combined with my fantastic obsession with films, meant the next few years of my life would be filled with many trips to the video store, along with the cinema, which to this very day, remains as one of my happy places. 

This is how I became the person that I am today.