Just like so many others, Netflix is a wonderful escape for me. I adore losing myself in different worlds where the pandemic is non-existent and spending time in an alternate reality. Witnessing some wonderful ideas come alive that make you think and entertain me still excites me. If you think you’ve run out of things to watch on Netflix, think again. The streaming giant has promised new original movies and tv shows every month and so far, they are delivering that and then some. 

How many nights have you found yourself aimlessly scrolling through Netflix trying to decide what to watch? I would be willing to bet that many of you are guilty of doing so and after an hour of looking for something new, you get frustrated and settle for something you’ve seen before. Below, I have listed all of the original movies and tv shows coming to Netflix this April. Now you could spend less time wandering through the Netflix-verse and more time actually enjoying some new content that you may actually like.


Prank Encounters: Season 2 (April 1st)

Stranger Things’ Gaten Matarazzo returns to host and aid in crafting these elaborate pranks, which find a slate of actors doing their very best to make horror movies come alive to their unsuspecting victims. 

The Serpent (April 2nd)

This new mini-series chronicles the twisted real-life events of famed murderer, thief, and seductive master of disguise Charles Sobhraj. Throughout the 1970s Sobhraj, who is played by recent Golden Globe nominee Tahar Rahim, preys on travelers who dared to explore the “hippie trail” in South Asia. 

Snabba Cash (April 7th)

Greed and the pursuit of power will make the lives of an ambitious business woman, a troubled teen, and a ruthless, yet charming gangster collide in the most remarkable and sinister way. Their stories will become intertwined, friendships, loyalty, and business partners will be tested, as each person embarks on a quest for easy money. 

The Wedding Coach (April 7th)

Weddings, they are wonderful the day of, but an absolute nightmare to plan. After barely making it down the aisle of her own wedding, comedian Jamie Lee embarks on a hilarious and heartwarming journey as she does her very best to help 6 newly engaged couples overcome the challenges of planning a wedding. She will help with the questions that arise before and on the big day. 

The Big Day: Collection 2 (April 7th)

Ever wondered how the rich and famous get married in India? Well, prepare to feast your eyes on time honoured customs, blended with contemporary values as we glimpse into the multi-billion dollar wedding industry in this culture. Follow 6 engaged couples on their big day, as they begin the rest of their lives in a spectacular fashion.  

Law School (April 14th)

After a grim incident occurs at a prestigious law school. A professor and his ambitious students get involved in this unprecedented case.  

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! (April 14th)

Jamie Foxx stars as a cosmetics brand owner and single dad whose life gets turned upside down when his strong-minded teenage daughter moves in with him. Now, he will have to figure out fatherhood on the fly as he enlists the help of his father, sister, and best friend to give him the best chance at balancing the family business and parenting. 

The Circle: Season 2 (April 14th) 

In case you missed out on this hit Netflix reality show, the show’s premise revolves around players being isolated in an apartment. With their online interactions being the only form of communication, players use a social media platform called The Circle to combat enemies, nourish alliances and become subject to catishing as they compete for a major cash prize. 

Why Are You Like This (April 16th) 

Set in Melbourne, Australia, this razor sharp show revolves around three millenial best friends as they try their best to negotiate work, fun, identity politics, hook-ups, and wild nights out.

Luis-Miguel – The Series: Season 2 (April 18th)

Diego Boneta returns as real life Mexican superstar Luis-Miguel and how he managed to captivate audiences in Latin America and beyond for decades. Season follows Luis-Miguel struggling through a tragic loss, family life and some heartbreaking revelations. 

Zero (April 21st)

This show revolves around a shy guy who is African origin, second generation Italian, and the ability to turn invisible. He longs to escape to pursue his dream, but he decides to stay and defend his neighbourhood, while finding a way to open up to the world. 

Shadow and Bone (April 23rd)

Dark forces conspire against orphan mapmaker Alina Starkov when she unleashes an extraordinary power that could change the fate of her war torn world. 

Sextify (April 28th) 

While attempting to build an innovative sex app and win a tech competition, a sexually inexperienced student and her friends explore the foreign land of intimacy as they attempt to understand it, as well as themselves better in the process. 

The Unremarkable Juanquini: Season 2 (April 30th) 

After an inept magician accomplishes the impossible by accidentally making a wanted criminal disappear during a police raid, both the Morales and the Orduz families find themselves in hot water as Captain González attempts to uncover the truth about what happened to that wanted felon. 

The Innocent (April 30th) 

This is the story of Mateo, a man who interceded in a fight and accidentally became a murderer. 9 years later, after finding love and freedom, a phone call brings Mateo’s troubled past into the present. 

Pet Stars (April 30th) 

Follow talent management company Pets on Q as they work with the biggest animal influencers on social media in this reality series.


Just Say Yes (April 2nd)

Incurable romantic Lotte finds her life upended when her plans for a picture-perfect wedding slowly unravel, just as we learn about her self-absorbed sister getting engaged. 

Concrete Cowboy (April 2nd)

Idris Elba and Caleb McLaughlin play estranged father and son in this tale of a troubled young teen who moves to North Philadelphia and discovers the world of urban horseback riding. He ultimately finds comfort in this new lifestyle, while attempting to bond with his estranged father. 

Madame Claude (April 2nd)

In the late 1960s Paris, Marie-Claude runs a thriving prostitution buisness that goes beyond pleasure, as she wields powerful influence in both the French political and criminal worlds. Her empire appears to be on the verge of collapse as one young woman threatens to change everything. 

Run (April 2nd) 

Freedom is all that Chloe (Kiera Allen) desires after being in the care of her mother (Sarah Paulson) for years. Chloe begins to suspect that her mother may be harbouring dark secrets and is potentially holding her back. 

Have You Ever Seen Fireflies (April 9th)

Rebellious, irreverent wunderkind Gülseren navigates loneliness, love and loss against the current of political turmoil and social change.

Thunder Force (April 9th)

Written and directed by Melissa McCarthy’s husband Ben Falcone. McCarthy stars opposite Tiffany Haddish as two estranged childhood best friends who reunite after one of them invents a serum that gives ordinary people superpowers. They will take the formula and protect their city at all costs.  

Night in Paradise (April 9th)

Hiding out in Jeju Island following a brutal tragedy, a wronged mobster with a target on his back connects with a woman who has her own demons.

Sky High (April 2nd)

This film revolves around Ángel, a mechanic from the Madrid suburbs who falls in love with Estrella and decides to get involved in the world of heists. This choice results in Ángel and his crew getting pursued by a relentless detective. 

The Mitchells vs the Machines (April 30th)

Netflix’s latest animated feature features an ordinary family somehow getting themselves in the middle of the robot apocalypse. Creative outsider Katie Mitchell gets accepted to the film school of her dreams and is eager to leave her family and find her people. Before that, her nature-loving father insists on a last not-so-awkward, totally-unforced family road trip. As if the trip couldn’t get any worse, the Mitchells find themselves in the middle of the robot uprising, featuring everything from smartphones and crazy Furby’s hellbent on world domination. Now it’s up to the Mitchell’s to band together to save the world. 

New Gods: Nezha Reborn (April 12th)

The story happens over 2000 years when Nezha conquered the dragon in the novel Fengshen Yanyi. While living as an ordinary deliveryman and motor racing fan, Ne Zha encounters old nemeses and must rediscover his powers to protect his loved ones.

The Soul (April 14th)

Wang Shicong, chairman of the famous group, died tragically at home. Now a husband and wife are investigating his death and as they are doing that, they discover some truly profound connections and secrets as they face their own life and death dilemma.   

Ride or Die (April 15th) 

Rei helps the woman she’s been in love with for years escape her abusive husband. While on the run, their feelings for each other catch fire.

Love and Monsters (April 14th)

Dylan O’Brian stars in this film that takes place seven years after the monster apocalypse. Most of humanity has been killed off by the monsters and the few survivors have taken refuge underground. Joel connects over the radio with his high school girlfriend and decides to leave his cozy underground bunker to discover his hidden hero, and reunite with the girl of his dreams. 

Into the Beat (April 16th) 

A teen ballerina discovers hip-hop by chance and is faced with an impossible choice: Does she follow in her parents’ footsteps … or her newfound passion?

Tell me When (April 23rd)

After Will’s Grandfather passes away suddenly, he decides to put his life on hold and fulfill his Grandfather’s last wish; taking a trip to Mexico city to discover his roots, witness the most beautiful sights, and maybe even fall in love. 

Things Heard and Seen (April 29th)

An artist and her husband decide to relocate to a historic hamlet in the Hudson Valley. Upon their arrival they soon discover that their marriage has a sinister darkness, one that rivals their new home’s history. Starring Amanda Seyfried, this original novel is based on the acclaimed novel by Elizabeth Brundage.  

So, grab your favourite snacks, get comfy, and happy binging everyone. 


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